Almshouse: A house for the accommodation or support of the poor or needy; especially a house established for this purpose in a particular parish or municipality. Such houses are usually maintained by an endowment left by a private individual or raised by public subscription, or out of local public funds.

Bastard: One begotten and born out of wedlock; an illegitimate or natural child.

Dumb: Destitute of the faculty of speech. see also Mute

Idiot: A person so profoundly disabled in mental function or intellect as to be incapable of ordinary acts of reasoning or rational conduct.

Imbecile: Mentally weak; of weak character or will through want of mental power.

Insane: Not of sound mind, mad, mentally deranged.

Intemperate: Given to the immoderate use of intoxicating drink; addicted to drinking.

Mute: Lacking the power of speech; unable to speak owing to a congenital or pathological condition. see also Dumb

Poorhouse: A house maintained by a parish authority for poor people living on public charity.

Vagrant: One of a class of persons who having no settled home or regular work wander from place to place, and maintain themselves by begging or in some other disreputable or dishonest way; an itinerant beggar, idle loafer, or tramp.