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State senator Austin Erwin laying the cornerstone at the new Orleans County Infirmary.

The ground-breaking ceremony for the Orleans County Home and Infirmary. L-R: Milton Bowen (Clarendon), Justin Roberts (Shelby), Victor Hawkes (Welfare Commissioner), Harold Hill (Barre), William Knights (Ridgeway). Hill was chairman of the Orleans…

A rendering of the new Orleans County Home & Infirmary

Plans showing the layout of the new county infirmary.

A resolution passed by the Orleans County Board of Supervisors to relocate the burial ground to a parcel of land on the southeast corner of the Poor House farm.

An account of the Poor House Cemetery submitted by Francis Dunham of the Orleans County Association of the State Charities Aid Association.

A. Frank Seifert committed suicide on August 1, 1906 after he was accused of stealing funds from the Poor House.

Varnum Ludington, Superintendent of the Poor, is accused (with Frank Seifert) of improprieties in regards to the management of Poor House funds. The indictments were dismissed six years after they came forth.

The cartoon, drawn by Thomas Nast, shows the contrast between slave life (left) and the life promised to newly freed African Americans (right).

A photograph showing the front end of the Orleans County Home for the Aged and Infirm. The original hospital wing, shown in this photograph, became the infirmary.
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