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A photograph showing the rear side of the main building of the Orleans County Home for the Aged and Infirm.

A photograph showing the dedication ceremony for the Orleans County Poor House Hospital Wing, completed in 1905.

A document explaining the case of Sarah A. Slocum, who gave birth to a bastard child. According to a complaint filed by Slocum, Smith D. Shourds of Albion was the father of the child who paid John F. Sawyer for the care of the child.

Richard Gordineer, of Medina, Orleans Co., N.Y., was the son of Jacob Gordineer, a Mohawk Dutchman, and a colored woman, Gordineer’s slave. Jacob Gordineer was a horse dealer and made and lost a great deal of money, and finally died in Buffalo a poor…

An image showing the Orleans County Poor House shortly after construction.

An image showing the Poor House property and Hospital from the northeast corner of the property.

An image showing the eastern wing of the Orleans County Poor House. The building is in a state of disrepair at the time this photograph was taken.

An aerial photograph of the Orleans County Poor House and Farm showing the main complex, barns, and other buildings on the property.

A photograph showing the administrative building with male and female wings.

A photograph showing the Orleans County Poor House and Hospital during the winter months - photograph looking southeast.
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