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A photograph showing landscaping around the grounds of the Poor House. Four men, likely employees, stand on the grounds. Orientation of the photograph is unknown.

A photograph showing inmates of the Orleans County Poor House - unidentified.

A photograph of the new Poor House building, constructed in 1878.

The 1905 census for the Orleans County Poor House.

A map of the main building and other structures on the grounds of the Poor House showing the male and female departments, the keeper's family department, dining rooms, wash room, pigsty, barns, and carriage house.

A map showing the grounds of the Orleans County Poor House as situated on the farm property on West County House Road. The map shows an apple orchard in the northwest corner of the property, a peach orchard on the northeast corner of the property, a…

A land deed between the Holland Land Company and the Orleans County Board of Supervisors for 94 acres of land on which to build a poor house.

A political cartoon appearing in Puck in 1879 shows a couple walking the streets of New York surrounded by the poor. A man (representing Puck) pleads with a city official to place the poor within the institutions in the background (Home for Cripples,…

A document explaining the case of Sarah A. Slocum, who gave birth to a bastard child. According to a complaint filed by Slocum, Smith D. Shourds of Albion was the father of the child who paid John F. Sawyer for the care of the child.

A rendering of the new Orleans County Home & Infirmary
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