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A record of deaths and burials from the Orleans County Home covering the years 1873 through 1902. The ledger includes headstone numbers for inmates buried in the Poor House Burial Ground.

A photograph of the Orleans County Poor House showing the administrative building, male and female wings, and the newly completed hospital wing.

A photograph of Orleans County Poor House Inmates, showing elderly residents, staff, and the Superintendent of the Poor.

Photograph of the Orleans County Poor House shortly after construction of the new building in 1878.

A photograph of the new Poor House building, constructed in 1878.

A photograph of the Orleans County Infirmary and Welfare Department.

Political cartoon criticizing the transportation of impoverished Irish immigrant to the United States.

A hand-drawn map of the "South Burying Ground" at the Orleans County Poor House. Names on the map coincide with deaths that occurred during the 1850s and would suggest that this map predates the 1873 death ledger.

A political cartoon appearing in Puck in 1879 shows a couple walking the streets of New York surrounded by the poor. A man (representing Puck) pleads with a city official to place the poor within the institutions in the background (Home for Cripples,…

A land deed between the Holland Land Company and the Orleans County Board of Supervisors for 94 acres of land on which to build a poor house.
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